Water Management in the Energy Plant and Beyond

Dr. Shoup will be presenting "Water Management in the Energy Plant and Beyond" at the AABC Commissioning Conference, CXEnergy in Orlando April 15-18. Come to the conference and learn about many ways to commission systems. Did you know commissioning=energy savings? Looking forward to seeing you there! www.CXEnergy.com

Sustainable Systems of Texas

Dear Friends, I am blogging to announce Heritage Institute of Sustainability is now doing business as Sustainable Systems of Texas. HIOS is primarily a consulting firm. We have found many of our customers are not aware of or do not have access to some of the new Sustainable Living Products on the market. We are now representing Suncharge Systems. Suncharge systems is a manufacturer of Solar Charging Poles and Benches. These products allow up to 8 people to simultaneously charge their devices. These systems are a great compliment to any business that has an outdoor seating area where solar charging would be a benefit to their customers. We are rolling out this product at EarthEX on Apr

Sustainable Systems of Texas

Dear Friends, I am blogging to let you know I am now Doing Business As Sustainable Systems of Texas. I have added a partner for the piece of my business that provides sustainable products to the market. We have a seen a gap in this arena so have branched out as part of our business to promote Sustainable Systems. Visit us at EarthEx April 26, 27, and 28 where we are rolling out the Suncharge Systems Solar Charging Poles. These poles will charge up to 8 cell phones simultaneously and there is also handicapped accessible charging at each station. Great for any outdoor area where your clients and employees could use a charge!

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