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About. Heritage Institute of Sustainability was formed to bring Sustainable Business Solutions to Today's Business Challenges.  Through Engineering, Energy Management, Creating Sustainable Processes, and Employee Training we can help any company reach their goals.  We know strategic planning, customer service, and behavior change.  Three critical components to success.

Evidence suggests that focusing on sustainability can significantly improve corporate performance.  The growth in market capitalization of sustainable corporations  has historically outperformed the Morgan Stanley world index by 80 percent over a six year period.The three dimensions of the triple bottom line extend sustainability beyond environmentalism to ensuring a strong brand and reputation, being an employer of choice, engendering the trust of financial markets, increasing shareholder value, and developing innovative new products and services to create new markets. We believe training and communication are crucial to the success of business.  Focusing on the health and wellness of employees is critical to ensuring the employees focus on your core business.  Furthermore, philantropy shows your company truly cares about society as a whole and not just the bottom line.

Our Philosphy.
The strategic framework for HCS contains three primary dimensions. First, is the understanding that people are the most important asset of any business in driving change.  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is essential to ensure the business provides value to employees, to  business partners, and to the community at large. Second, is the understanding that we cannot improve what we do not measure. Deming’s PDSA is the method we use to ensure all business activities add value and quality for our customers. Third, is the understanding that innovation is required to address the environmental, emotional, and spiritual needs of our planet’s inhabitants. Disruptive Innovation Theory, purports that disruptive innovation is needed to make an impact on the changing environment. Innovation and action will drive change in sustainable business practices. Finally, all of our work is completed keeping the highest ethical practices in mind.

A Few of Our Causes:  Project Cure, Project Kemp, Helping



Restore Ability, Letot Juvenile Detention Center.

Company Profile.


Heritage Institute of Sustainability LLC was established in 2016. Our Trademark reflects our work of engaging in education, research, consulting services, and good works to preserve the planet for current and future generations.  Our team of licensed engineers, technicians, and business professionals know what it takes for your company to thrive. The goal of our company is to help others reach their potential, whether it is cities, businesses, or organizations.  We have saved millions of dollars for our clients through process improvement, energy management, materials management, training and MEP solutions.  We have partnered with Helping Restore Ability to increase the number of Disabled Texan to receive in-home care.  We facilitated sustainability planning for the City of Kemp, to assist the city in growing their economy while keeping sustainability in mind as they grow.  We believe in philantropy.  You will see us at many events around Texas promoting sustainable living.


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