Accomplishments of Heritage IOS Leadership Include:

1. UT Southwestern Water Savings Project 2013-2016

Converting Landscape partially to hardscape

Savings were garnered in 6 areas:  Landscape water use reduction, Toilet/Urinal/Faucet upgrades, Equipment upgrades, New Smart meters, Specification modification, Locating and repairing leaks.  Water Use index decline from 0.056 to 0.042 kgal/gsf.  176 million gallons per year.

2. UT Southwestern Clean Air Project 2008-2015

Savings were garnered from :Retrofit boiler burners

Retrofit Generator Scrubbers,Steam Trap Repair

Monitoring ERCOT Grid Demand to Reduce Generator Runtime while Supporting Texas Energy Grid, Installing Solar Panels, Upgrade Vehicles to Increase GPM/mile,  Implement No Idling Campaign

Savings included generation of 431,558 kWh by solar panels, the equivalent of 56 passenger vehicles, Reduce Emissions by 68% from 36.7 TPY to 11.7 TPY

3. UT Southwestern Energy Reduction Project 2012-2016

ISavings were garnered from: Implementing Energy Use Policy

Weekend/Night Setbacks Campus Wide, Lab Air Change Project

Lighting Retrofits, Autoclave Sequencing in Equipment Gallies,

Y Building Air Balance, North Campus Air Change Project

Savings and Revenue over 20 million


2016 Energy Audits and Third Party Review

1. Audit for General Packaging

Identified Lighting Upgrades, HVAC Unit Upgrades

Water Closet Upgrades, Sprinkler System Upgrades, Motor Upgrades

Compressor Upgrades, $491,000 in savings over the life of the project

2.  Audit for St. Mark's School of Texas

Lighting Upgrades, Water Closet Upgrades, Sprinkler System Upgrades

Power Factor Correction, Solar Panels, Repair Air Leaks, $611,000 in savings over the life of the project

3.  Audit and Lighting Replacement for Kemp City Hall

Lighting Upgrades,  Programmable Thermostats, Water Closet Upgrade Potential, $43000 in savings over the life of the project

4. Third Party Review of PACE RDM Pros Project

Lighting Upgrades, HVAC Upgrades, Solar Panel Installation,

Project will result in Zero Net Energy Expenditures Annually

5.  Elegant Day Spa:  Identified over $200K in energy savings over the next 20 years.  $70K tax savings year 1.

6.  Kemp Water Treatment plant preliminary design encompasses $4.2M of energy saving features over the life of the project.

7.  Greenville Avenue Office Building:  Identified $2.1M energy savings over the life of the project. $250K positive cash flow year 1.

Accomplishments 2017


1. Smith Park Walking Trail, Installing Solar Lights saved over 45K in installation cost with no resulting energy bills


2. Various Energy Studies identified over 1.8 million kWh of electical savings and over 29.6 million gallons of water saved. Studies included office parks in Dallas and College Station.


3. Education:  1 Architectural firm, 2 engineering firms and two cities on indoor air quality and on solar lighting.


4.  Water Conservation plan written for the City of Kemp Texas.


5.  Installed indoor air quality solution in Chiropractic clinic.


Accomplishments 2018


1. Installed solar lights City of Plano 


2. Installed solar lights Naval AIr Base Ft. Worth


3.  LED retrofit TXDOT Austin


4.  Energy Study for Assisted Living, Designed LEED but found an additional $400K year one and $75K recurring savings.


5. Multiple water audits for the City of Dallas.


6. Installed indoor air quality solution for IV Bar Addison.


7. Water Harvesting Design and Installation Certification Training


8. Solar Charging Stations for the Big 12: On the Radar!

9. Installed Solar Lights Outdoor Fitness Court Smith Park

10. Installed Richardson HOA Parking Lot Solar Lights

11.  Conducted PACE Energy Audit Catholic Church Dallas

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