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Introducing the Super-Fecta of Energy Savings Award:

Heritage Institute of Sustainability is offering the Super-Fecta of Energy Savings Award and the Tri-Fecta of Energy Savings Award.  Be the first to win the Super-Fecta of Energy Savings Award and Receive Recognition on this web page and $1000.00 to the charity or business of your choice.

Why this Award?  We are seeking businesses who want a better understands of energy and energy management.  The Tri-Fecta of Energy Savings will reduce energy consumption in your building by a minimum of 25% without ever changing out a piece of equipment.  Now that is sustainable.  Not only will it save energy but it will reduce your maintenance costs by the same amount.

The Tri-Fecta will get you well on your way to Sustainability and Reliability.

The Super-Fecta adds a water piece to the Tri-Fecta.  The Tri-Fecta will result in water savings, but the Super-Fecta requires a water audit and reduction plan.

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Clean Power:  Install a Maximum Power Transfer Solution to your electrical distribution system.  This system takes care of harmonics generated in your system and outside of your system.  It is a surge protector, a voltage stabilizer, and a power analyzer.  It stores the data in the cloud so you can check your energy bills against real data to address billing errors.  It corrects Power Factor without adding a load to your system.  It recycles dirty power, is a renewable energy source.

Clean Air:  Install a Bi-polar Ionization system to your air handling units.  It cleans the coils, it allows CO2 control for reduction in outside air, it eradicates mold, viruses, bacteria, and eliminates VOC's and odors creating a healthy environment for your employees.  It will reduce your energy consumption while providing safe, clean air for your employees.

Renewable Energy:  No system is complete without renewable Energy.  Install Solar:  Lights, phone/computer charging stations, panels for electrical power.  This technology provides free power, and when coupled with charging stations, provides reliability as part of your emergency response plan.

Water:  Water is our most precious resource.  Conduct a water audit and create a plan to reduce water consumption.  At least one or two pieces of this plan should be implemented to receive an award.

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