Frisco's Hidden Treasure

Frisco Commons is one of the City of Frisco's Hidden Treasures. This 62-acre park is a hidden jewel near Dallas, perfect for those who need respite from the city lights and activity. Upon entering the park, you find a children's play area segmented into age appropriate areas. The play equipment parallels none I have seen. It is an amazing wonderland for children. The park includes swings that will secure handicapped children safely. Meandering deeper into the park, you pass under an ethereal pavilion, amazing to behold. You pass through the veteran’s memorial garden exquisitely designed with a central fountain and pillars representing the branches of the armed service. Further on you

No One is Smashing My Glass

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Do you own a building where the heat penetrates the windows but you do not want to spend the money to replace the windows? No need to replace them, check out Huperoptik window films. These high tech films can reduce the heat penetration as much as 30 degrees from outside!! Not only do they saved energy, but you can also prevent window smashing with the shield impact protection. Check it out!! Call me for a consult! 469-687-5706

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