Sustainable New Year's Resolutions

Think about creating sustainable New Year's Resolutions. Following are a few ideas. People: Say something kind to yourself every day. Say something kind to another every day. Send a handwritten card or a letter to someone at least once per month. Quit working through lunch: instead, eat lunch with a friend or colleague, read an educational article, meditate, take yourself on a walk. Keep a gratitude journal and journal every day. Stretch at the start of every day, and begin the day with a cup of warm water with lemon zest. Profit: Reduce your meat consumption, not only will it enhance your health, you will save money. Pack a lunch and picnic with friends at lunch instead of going ou

Heritage Institute of Sustainability Partners with Air Oasis to Enhance Air Quality

You may wonder what technology did NASA use to ensure the air quality in the space ships stayed clean and fresh so the astronauts stayed healthy? Wonder no longer, it is the advanced AHPCO Nano technology. In colaboration with GPI solutions, Heritage IOS is bringing this technology to schools, hospitals, and businesses. Lab tests conducted by West Texas A&M University prove that Air Oasis technology is effective in reducing: MRSA on surfaces, up to 63% in 24 hours Odor causing VOC's up to 85% in one hour Mold and fungi up to 99% Bacteria up to 99% Viruses up to 99% Offensive Odors Let us retrofit your workplace to enhance attendance, and health of your employees. Give the gift of clean a

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