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Buyers Beware

I am passing along a bit of information you may find useful if you find yourself needing to replace and HVAC(air conditioning)

unit this summer. I recently reviewed an HVAC proposal for a building owner. The proposal was for the replacement of 5 and 10 ton package units. Half of the units did not meet the requirements of DOE Federal Register 76 FR 37431 June 27th 2011 (requirements for HVAC purchased after 2011). Even more interesting was that under ASHRAE 90.1 2016 all but one would have passed. Why you say?? We live in a hot humid region where the DOE requirements are stricter than ASHRAE 90.1 minimum requirements.

Not only were half the units non-compliant, but by running calculations I found that over the life of the units, my client could save $26,000 more by going with higher efficiency units. I thought you might find this information useful if you find yourself needing to replace an HVAC unit this summer. “Cheaper quote” will not save you money!! Stay cool this summer, and if you need any help, Heritage Institute of Sustainability is here to serve you. We pride ourselves in 100% client satisfaction every time!!

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