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LED Light Bulb Purchasing Tips

Today, many of the light bulb replacements are LED. No one has given anyone any hints on just which light bulb to purchase. What do all the colors mean? Here is any easy guide:

1) Warm white 2700-3000 K. These are the bulbs you want to primarily use inside of your home. They put out a soft yellowish light which is relaxing. Your home is your respite, the light should be warm and relaxing.

2) Cool white 3500-4000 K This is the color temperature you will see in the office. Why? Your employer wants you to be awake while you work, it gives your work area the feeling of light and industrial. Let's get er done!!

3) Daylight 5000 K+ This color most closely resembles daylight. For your bathroom, this is the one area in your home you may wish to consider 5000 K. If you have ever gotten in your car for work and were shocked what you look like, it is likely because your bathroom lights were too dim. This color light includes the full spectrum and the color is best for getting ready for the day. You will also want to use this color light for your exterior floods, it is the least harmful to the wildlife as it resembles natural light.

A couple more tips, pay attention to the light bulb you are purchasing; the more expensive bulbs are dimmable. Be sure your bulb can dim if you are using it in a dimming application. VERY IMPORTANT!

Happy Shopping, and for all you lighting needs contact us at We can order and ship to your home.

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