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Sustainable Systems of Texas

Dear Friends,

I am blogging to announce Heritage Institute of Sustainability is now doing business as Sustainable Systems of Texas. HIOS is primarily a consulting firm. We have found many of our customers are not aware of or do not have access to some of the new Sustainable Living Products on the market. We are now representing Suncharge Systems. Suncharge systems is a manufacturer of Solar Charging Poles and Benches. These products allow up to 8 people to simultaneously charge their devices. These systems are a great compliment to any business that has an outdoor seating area where solar charging would be a benefit to their customers. We are rolling out this product at EarthEX on April 26, 27, and 28 at the Fair Park in Dallas. We will have stations in multiple locations throughout the event as we are the charging station sponsor for the event. Come see us on the North Side of the reflecting pond. We will have show specials for purchase of these poles.

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